Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day One- Just Peachy

I had hoped my first post would be on a happy day and I could give this a good happy start but that is not the case. I woke up with a headache that Tylenol could not kill (causing me to hit that last nerve way too early) but since I am a mommy that means I still have to keep up the same pace as any other day. I log on to my work website to find no work. Great start. So I decide to work on some of my craft-sy stuff. I have this Harry Potter necklace idea stuck in my head and I NEED to make it. Every time I had an idea I would get an adorable interruption in the form of my nearly 3 year old, Little C. I think he has a stomach bug because I have changed way too may poop diapers in the span of just a few hours. He is running around like there is not a thing wrong with him and no fever in sight. Needless to say the necklace is not finished.

Little C's 3rd birthday party is this Saturday so I have been up to my eyeballs in party planning for the last month. Last year's birthday party pretty much bombed (cake messed up and I was completely stressed) so this year has to be better. He loves the Octonauts but since their merchandise is not available in the US I am crafting my own decorations. I will be taking a lot of pictures on the big day and posting them hopefully Sunday.. Let's be honest, that would be a miracle. Look for it Monday or Tuesday.

My mommy brain caught up with me this week. I would have sworn I had ordered some pull ups and cloth diaper liners (also some Muscle Milk for the hubs) from drugstore.com but apparently PayPal is crapping out this week. I knew something was up when I never received a "your item has shipped" email. Turns out PayPal did not go through and still will not today. This is a problem because I do not like to give my CC number to websites and I could not get those prices anywhere else. This is also the third time this year PayPal has decided to screw the pooch and ruin my day. Of course I will just try again tomorrow and not call anyone about it because I hate calling companies.

Back to birthday party stuff: One day I will learn to force my husband to help with things instead of asking and trusting him to do it. Forcing usually leads to him getting angry and saying he is not a child (exactly why I try to avoid this method). Asking never gets anything done. He always forgets or just doesn't bother. It also leads to an argument since he decides its better to lie and say he did it than admit he forgot. Well he forgets that eventually I find out he lied (sometimes in an awkward embarrassing way, especially when it involves reminding someone that they owe us money).

Today definitely did not turn out as planned (as it never does) but tomorrow I will at least get back on track with the Just Dance 4/Zumba 2 Wii workout plan.

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