Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its the Little Things That Make My Heart Smile

Little C seemed to get pretty upset over The Lorax. As soon as the movie started he began to beg "Turn it off mommy! Mommy turn it off!" He wanted to keep watching it later though so I have no idea what caused the reaction. He did not scream it or throw a fit. He was very calm and collected with his request adding just a hint of urgency. He has also been playing this new game with me. He will lay on the couch and demands that I "Say wake up mommy!" So I do. Then he does this weird groany jerky thing, looks at me and says "Why did you wake me up mommy?" I love how silly he can be.

Little M began making some adorable faces today. He would put the back of his hand to his mouth then open and close it. I have no idea where this came from but he seemed to love that it had me laughing and would just keep doing it. Sometimes I swear he waves at me when I realize he is most likely just reaching. He also smiles with his entire faces now and it melts my heart every time. I do not deserve the immense blessing God has bestowed upon me.

The Hubs worked late again today. Here is it 10PM and he is still on the clock. He knows I have not been feeling well lately and did the sweetest thing right before he headed out to his last job. As I was sitting and watching TV with Little C, I heard a knock at the door. Little C and I went to the door to see who it was but all we found was a happy meal and some Fishy McBites for momma. He will never admit doing something so sweet (its the man in him) but it is the little thing like this that make my heart smile when I think of him.

Well  have tons of birthday pictures to go through so I can post a blog on Octonauts birthday decor. Who know how long it will take me :)

Good Night All!

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