Friday, March 1, 2013

Remove That Pesky Frosting Dye From Your Hands

I had planned to post pictures of my son's 3rd birthday party and share Octonauts party ideas with you all but that will have to wait for another day since I can not seem to find my memory card adapter. So today I wanted to share another happy accident that resulted from the party planning.

Anyone that has ever made their own themed cake knows that you can't always find the right color frosting. It just never matches what you envisioned. This is where frosting dye/coloring comes in handy. It is also useful for coloring fondant to make edible sculptures for your cake.

My oldest son has been in love with the Octonauts since he first laid eyes on them. When it came time to plan his birthday party I knew it had to be Octonauts. To make the perfect cake I would need to dye the frosting myself and create the characters for the cake. What a mess that was! My hands were covered in just about every color of the rainbow. There may be a way to avoid this but I was not aware of it at the time. I had to wash my hands several times during the cake decorating process but no amount of washing would remove that last (slightly dull) layer of dye. With my hands nearly dry from over-washing, I decided to throw in the towel and get a shower in before I hit the hay.

I recently switched shampoos to Head & Shoulders because I noticed my scalp began to itch (it hasn't since I made the switch). After I finished washing my hair I noticed that my hands were completely clear of any dye. I was delighted! Another happy accident!

I tested this a few times and found it works best if you mimic washing your hair when removing the dye. By this I mean using warm water and a rag along with the Head & Shoulders shampoo to remove the dye. Somehow the warm water and friction created by the rag helps the Head & Shoulders shampoo remove the dye much faster than just washing your hands with the shampoo.

Below are the before and after pictures of one of the test runs:

I love these happy accidents and can not wait to have more of them to share with you all :)

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